Intelligent based Modeling

My Favorite Application


In October 2014, I got MOS-PowerPoint 2010(PPT) in 957 points (full make of 1000 points). The test of PPT was not surprisingly difficult. Because I was teaching a CAD system in CAD industry. Although PPT continues updating, it seems that CAD functions are gradually adopted. In the future, things like 3 dimensional PPT may come out. I occasionally receive the question “What system is good for me to remember business applications?”. I will recommend PPT without hesitation.


In 2001, I conducted a questionnaire called "Thought environment and MS-Office application" for graduate students as part of research. The reason is that it seemed strange that people who write papers in Word do not like Excel, those who know Excel use Excel when writing papers.


I analyzed this by SOM (Self-Organization Map) at that time. As a result, it was possible to establish the hypothesis that those who master Power Point have skills for" Word "" Excel "" Integrated Utilization ". Since its survey, I'm conducting demonstration experiments on that hypothesis.


In the following 4 years, depending on the requests of graduate students, it was memorable memories that we carried out voluntary lecture course "Course for preparing papers" centered on PPT function mechanism.

Intelligent based Modeling


Since 2000 the challenges surrounding the world have become more complicated than ever. In order to solve these problems, there is a need to incorporate knowledge in various fields. I wanted to think about ways to organize information and leave the knowledge got in memory.


It is important to know the culture and history of various countries. But from "Old Testament" to "Egyptian civilization", and furthermore "Greek mythology", it is a story that is hard to understand for me in engineering.


Complicated stories also made it surprisingly easy to understand by extracting important points and discarding unnecessary information. Thus the map of Greek myths by Powerpoint has been completed. Now when you search for images in "Greek Mythology Illustrated" (Girisha Shinwa Zukai in japanese), the summarized works are getting higher.

Reminder Symbol for the Model


However, I can not remind this Map quickly. Therefore, we devised a method to fix complex stories, institutions and relationships in memory. By condensing the image as a metaphor and reducing the individual's storage capacity, you can get more knowledge. I would like to expect to be used as one of work and learning methods.


I think that the skill of the AI technology is to derive the answer logically by deductive method or induction by learning. On the other hand, I think that the thinking method "abduction" that takes advantage of the characteristics of human being will be drawing attention as one of thinking methods in the increasingly complex modern society.